Colocation Server Lifts

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Mon Apr 4 20:44:51 UTC 2016

In all my time dealing with various colos around the globe, I cannot
say that I can ever recall hearing (or seeing) someone refer to using
a lift to install or dismount a server. My inclination therefore is
that it is not something likely to be common. That it may exist in
locations I have had dealings with is possible, of course, but not
something that I am expressly aware of at any particular facility.

As to use, I believe these would be in the vein of dollys and ladders,
available upon request. Except in the most restrictive colos, I would
not expect any explicit conditions for operation except to perhaps be
questioned whether you know how to use it before letting you wheel it
away. One would hope it would be more or less self-explanatory and
just a question of reading the labels by the controls.


On Tue, Mar 29, 2016 at 07:23:41AM -0500, Jason Lee wrote:
> Hi NANOG community,
> A few questions I have for the community regarding server lifts at colo
> facilities.
> 1. Is a server lift something you would typically expect a colo facility to
> provide?
> if yes,
> 2. Do colo facilities typically allow customers to just use them or provide
> an operator?
> 3. Is it a free offering or something they rent out?
> 4. What would be the typical device weight you would lift?
> 5. What would be the max device weight you would lift?
> Thanks,
> Jason

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