Colocation Server Lifts

Alex Lesser alex at
Mon Apr 4 13:04:37 UTC 2016

Very good questions with not so clear cut answers.  In line. 

> On Mar 29, 2016, at 8:23 AM, Jason Lee <jason.m.lee at> wrote:
> Hi NANOG community,
> A few questions I have for the community regarding server lifts at colo
> facilities.
> 1. Is a server lift something you would typically expect a colo facility to
> provide?

I would say unfortunately no.  Many facilities do have server lifts but many do not.  Definitely ask before hand so you understand what you are getting into.  Personally I believe every facility should offer these server lifts considering the weight people are racking today. 

> if yes,
> 2. Do colo facilities typically allow customers to just use them or provide
> an operator?

The ones that do have server left usually let you just operate them. Pretty self explanatory devices. Up / down. Brake / move.
> 3. Is it a free offering or something they rent out?

I have never been asked to sign out a server lift which seems funny considering you have to sign out a crash cart.  My guess is it facility dependent. 

> 4. What would be the typical device weight you would lift?

The answer really depends on how much you want to lift manually.  The guys I use are pretty comfortable racking 80 lb servers over and over and over again.  But if you don’t feel comfortable then a server lift at any weight is a good idea.  Save you back! 

> 5. What would be the max device weight you would lift?

Not sure on that one. You should probably consult the manufacturer. I can tell you we typically use server lifts when things get over 100 lbs.  I think the heaviest box we have installed using a server lift was over 200 lbs.  My guess is that it would support a lot more weight. 
> Thanks,
> Jason

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