Fri AM AT&T outage

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Fri Apr 1 20:56:25 UTC 2016

Hopefully the job posting includes replacing this guy:

"I would never say we're 100 percent certain it will go perfectly," Mike Flynn, Frontier's regional president overseeing operations in Florida and the Carolinas. "But we're doing everything we can within our power … from the experience we've gleaned from every conversion we have done to make the next one better. So I'd just say we're pretty experienced at it."
He said customers may experience brief service interruptions in the early morning hours Friday, though the company is not expecting that to affect a significant numbers of customers.

Our Tampa office has been offline for nine hours and Frontier support is saying not to worry, it should be resolved in the next four days.


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>I heard speculation from many quarters that this may have been related to
>the Verizon splashcut to Frontier -- which, regardless of what Frontier
>was telling us, I was pretty sure would be more than just varying which light
>switch for a building sign was the one turned on.
>Has anyone heard anything they're allowed to repeat, yet, which confirms
>or denies?
>On a related[1] topic: I see on Craigs that Frontier is hiring through a sub
>for transport staff for their new NOC, which I think is going to be located
>in SPBGFLXA89H; that building has about 3 completely empty floors, and has 
>for over 20 years.  (OK, it did when I toured it in 91; dunno what's there
>now.  :-)
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