Fri AM AT&T outage

Jay R. Ashworth jra at
Fri Apr 1 20:42:59 UTC 2016

I heard speculation from many quarters that this may have been related to
the Verizon splashcut to Frontier -- which, regardless of what Frontier
was telling us, I was pretty sure would be more than just varying which light
switch for a building sign was the one turned on.

Has anyone heard anything they're allowed to repeat, yet, which confirms
or denies?

On a related[1] topic: I see on Craigs that Frontier is hiring through a sub
for transport staff for their new NOC, which I think is going to be located
in SPBGFLXA89H; that building has about 3 completely empty floors, and has 
for over 20 years.  (OK, it did when I toured it in 91; dunno what's there
now.  :-)

-- jra

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