Rack Locks

Mike Poublon mpoublon at secantnet.net
Mon Nov 23 16:37:33 UTC 2015

Our datacenter build used RCI rack locks/handles and over the last year 
of production since going live haven't had any issues.


We used the non-RFID model and put a standard card reader at the end of 
every row. Our Access control system handles the locking and unlocking 
as well as log generation (HIPAA compliant facility). These handles 
would work just as well with some form of relay controller. Locking the 
rack level also removed the need to allow building cages ( which would 
be a waste of space in our facility).

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On 11/20/2015 3:37 PM, Kevin Burke wrote:
> What kind of experience do people have with rack access control systems
> (electronic locks)?  Anything I should pay attention to with the
> products?
> Hope this questions hasn't already been answered.  Not to picky about
> what/who.  The APC solution seems to start getting pricy with multiple
> racks.  I see arduino has an RFID reader but haven't found the door
> opener.
> The racks in question are standard APC (SX?) racks.
> Background
> We have half a dozen racks, mostly ours.  Mostly I want something to log
> who opened what door when.  Cooling overhaul is next on the list but one
> at a time.  Even with cameras those janky make nobody happy.
> If someone knows a better place to ask this that would be nice too.
> Thanks for your time!
> Kevin Burke
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> Burlington Telecom - City of Burlington
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