link avoidance

Matthew Kaufman matthew at
Wed May 6 23:41:01 UTC 2015

On 5/6/2015 3:56 PM, Randy Bush wrote:
> a fellow researcher wants
>      > to make the case that in some scenarios it is very important for a
>      > network operator to be able to specify that traffic should *not*
>      > traverse a certain switch/link/group of switches/group of links
>      > (that's true right?). Could you give some examples? Perhaps point
>      > me to relevant references?
> if so, why? security?  congestion?  other?  but is it common?  and, if
> so, how do you do it?
> randy

I don't think it is common, but I have a microwave network made up of a 
combination of license-free links and amateur radio band links (where no 
commercial traffic is permitted). For now the ham-band links are stubs, 
so that's easy. But we're looking at using MPLS with link coloring so 
that as we do start to get redundant paths available, we can ensure that 
non-ham-radio traffic stays off the ham-band links.

Matthew Kaufman

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