Verizon Policy Statement on Net Neutrality

Miles Fidelman mfidelman at
Mon Mar 2 18:42:48 UTC 2015

Naslund, Steve wrote:
>> Average != Peak.
> What is peak?  There is a question for you. If we get all the way down to the fundamentals of any network, peak is always 100%.  There is either a bit on the wire or not.  Your network is either 100% busy or 100% idle at any instantaneous moment in time.  What matters is average transfer rate to the user experience and even that varies a lot depending on the app in question and how that app tolerates things like jitter, loss, and latency.

That's simply wrong - at least for folks who do any work related stuff 
at home.

Consider:  I've just edited a large sales presentation - say a PPT deck 
with some embedded video, totaling maybe 250MB (2gbit) - and I want to 
upload that to the company server.  And let's say I want to do that 5 
times during 12 hour day (it's crunch time, we're doing lots of edits).

On average, we're talking 20gbit/12 hours, or a shade under 500kbps, if 
we're talking averages.  On the other hand, if I try to push a 2gbit 
file through a 500kbps pipe, it's going to take 4000 seconds (67 
minutes) -- that's rather painful, and inserts a LOT of delay in the 
process of getting reviews, comments, and doing the next round of edits.

On the other hand, at 50mbps it takes only 40 seconds - annoying, but 
and at a gig, it only takes 2 seconds.

So, tell me, with a straight face, that "what matters is average 
transfer rate to the user experience."

Miles Fidelman

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice.
In practice, there is.   .... Yogi Berra

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