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Tei oscar.vives at
Tue Jan 20 13:34:27 UTC 2015

<shameless plug>

If anyone is interested, the Quake engine and variants have created a lot
of documentation and tools.    Since Quake represent early phases of the
development of modern gaming systems, they are simple. As simple they can

Many open source games can be studied,   I suggest OpenArena because is
easy available and fun.

Modern games don't work standalone. They connect to a master server to find
other gamers/active games.

Heres a simple one:
Example of use:

Another game that is interesting for networking, is SubSpace.

The history with subspace is that was a commercial game that turned open
source. It had already billing server, game server, master server. So is
probably very similar to how many commercial games work.
It looks to me like somebody can learn stuff by reading this ones.

</shameless plug>

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