Reporting DDOS reflection attacks

Yardiel D. Fuentes yardiel at
Sat Nov 8 23:46:08 UTC 2014

Another DDoS/DoS email thread in progress, ah?... these seem to occur often lately...

So....Perfect timing to remind all in the list that there is a NANOG BCOP in the works on this topic. 

Some of us have been working on documenting our collective knowledge about real practices that
can help our community deal with this annoying networking a vendor agnostic manner...

Our DDoS/DoS attack Best Common Ops Practices doc seeks to provide community-wide guidelines 
on what to do before, during and after a DDoS/DoS attack.

If any of you want to contribute and join us to help the community on what we have documented so far, 
please check out the document below and/or drop me a note...

Yardiel Fuentes
yardiel at
twitter: #techguane

On Nov 8, 2014, at 6:19 PM, Frank Bulk wrote:

> Do you know if third-parties such as SANS ISC or ShadowServer take lists of IPs?
> Frank
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> Subject: Reporting DDOS reflection attacks
> Like most small providers, we occasionally get hit by DoS attacks. We got hammered by an SSDP
> reflection attack (udp port 1900) last week. We took a 27 second log and from there extracted
> about 160k unique IPs.
> It is really difficult to find abuse emails for 160k IPs.
> We know about but requires hostnames, not IPs for lookups and not all IP
> addresses have valid DNS entries.
> The only other way we know of to report problems is to grab the abuse email addresses is whois.
> However, whois is not structured and is not set up to deal with this number of requests - even
> caching whois data based on subnets will result in many thousands of lookups.
> Long term it seems like structured data and some kind of authentication would be ideal for reporting
> attacks. But right now how should we be doing it?

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