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Phil Bedard bedard.phil at gmail.com
Mon Nov 3 02:22:54 UTC 2014

You can look at tools like NS2/NS3 or OMNet++, but these are not going to
do what you want out of the box, they are a framework for network
simulation but you'll have to program them to do what you want, they are
more used in academic settings.

If you want a nice interface you are kind of stuck right now with the
commercial offerings from Cariden, OpNet, WANDL (now Juniper), and Aria
Networks.  Most of those packages are extensible via scripting if you want
to do additional things.


On 11/2/14, 3:15 AM, "Mohamed Kamal" <mkamal at noor.net> wrote:

>I'm aware about the Cisco MATE software, but I'd prefer an open-source,
>vendor-agnostic one, something that in-house imporvements can also be
>  On 11/2/2014 12:01 PM, mohamed Osama Saad Abo sree wrote:
>> You can use Caridan tool, Cisco own it currently and it does all the
>> computation needed and can draw your network topology
>Mohamed Kamal
>Core Network Engineer

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