Large DDoS, small extortion

Warren Bailey wbailey at
Thu May 22 15:59:42 UTC 2014

Never pay extortion anyways. After you pay once, you¹ll pay again.

If I were you, I¹d pay someone a few bucks to pull this kids dox and drop
them on pastebin. Stainless Steel Testicles turn to itty bitty testicles
when your name and phone number are sitting on the internet. Or just write
back to him and tell him that if you don¹t stop being packeted, you¹re
going to take his mother to a nice seafood dinner and NEVER call her
again. What¹s he going to do, packet you? ;)

On 5/22/14, 8:50 AM, "Roland Dobbins" <rdobbins at> wrote:

>On May 22, 2014, at 10:23 PM, Livingood, Jason
><Jason_Livingood at> wrote:
>>  He actually said negotiation is always useful and sometimes paying a
>>ransom demand can serve as a method to track where the money goes, to
>>identify all the actors involved for later action (which may apply in
>>this case).
>Bad advice for online stuff, as a) it's very, very rare that the
>perpetrators are caught, and b) word will get around that you're an easy
>mark - so, more attacks, more (and more expensive) extortion.
>*Never* pay extortion money to a DDoSer.
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