Large DDoS, small extortion

Mr. Queue lists at
Thu May 22 16:25:58 UTC 2014

On 5/22/2014 10:59 AM, Warren Bailey wrote:
> Never pay extortion anyways. After you pay once, you¹ll pay again.
> If I were you, I¹d pay someone a few bucks to pull this kids dox and drop
> them on pastebin. Stainless Steel Testicles turn to itty bitty testicles
> when your name and phone number are sitting on the internet. Or just write
> back to him and tell him that if you don¹t stop being packeted, you¹re
> going to take his mother to a nice seafood dinner and NEVER call her
> again. What¹s he going to do, packet you? ;)

World could use more opts like this.

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