rz.verisign-grs.com root zone ftp access

John Levine johnl at iecc.com
Tue May 20 22:35:06 UTC 2014

In article <904CE971-B779-4C9E-AF8D-8DAFCCE01E67 at burn.net> you write:
>Is anyone using this and having failed login for a few days now ?  I’ve been mirroring the root
>zone(s) for years and I just started getting failures in my logs.  I emailed an address I found on
>the Verisign website but so far dead air.  If anyone knows of a more pointed email POC that would
>actually have clue about this that would be awesome.

I have a password I've been using to FTP .com and .net from
rz.verisign-grs.com, which still works fine as of five minutes ago.  I
can use it to get root.zone.gz as well but it's pretty much the same
as the one at http://www.internic.net/zones give or take what time of
day they dumped it.

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