Access hardware for small FTTP deployment

Chris hs.citizen at
Fri May 16 03:18:02 UTC 2014

Hi all,

We are looking at doing a small FTTP deployment in a community of about 30
homes and I'm searching for options regarding access layer hardware.

Initially we thought of a simple point-to-point ethernet setup with
1000Base-BX to each premises and a 48-port access switch. However, finding
an appropriate piece of hardware has proven challenging because of our
requirement of a 60+ degrees Celcius operating temperature (due to outdoor
cabinet placement).

The only one I found that meets the temperature requirement was Cisco's ME
2600X with 44 SFP ports, 4 SFP+ and 65degC max, but it's a bit pricey for
our liking. Other offerings from HP (5800-24G-SFP), Juniper (EX4550),
Brocade (CES-2048F) were nice, but all only had 40-45degC max operating

I'm interested to see what other people are doing for these types of small
setups. Does anyone know of any other reasonably priced access switches,
32+ SFP ports, and able to withstand 60degC or higher operating temperature?

We are also considering GPON, but given that we would only need one
interface for such a small deployment, most of the hardware out there seems
like overkill. Are there good small OLTs?


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