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We’ve had two of the ER3s in production. One of which has had no problems to date, the other one had several issues just staying online. It would randomly drop out from time to time (no ICMP, didn't pass traffic; basically a flashing brick). These were both single homed stub networks on older firmware so your results may vary. In my past experience the Ubiquiti release cycle is:

Announce Product --> (1 year later) --> Reannounce Product /Start Shipping --> (4 months later) --> Claim it's still on the boat and will reach distributors soon --> (2 months later) --> Begin shipping from Distribution with defunct firmware --> (8 months later and a few firmware updates) --> Release a stable firmware version

TL;DR: Ubiquiti has good, inexpensive equipment but it might not always be ready for production networks or very patient customers. For what you’re looking for though no one else can match that price point.

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I wouldn't worry.  A fancy GUI  without intelligent engineering and design leveraged is just more rope for everyone to hang themselves with,  esp.  when something in the GUI inevitably doesn't work quite like it's supposed to.

Network vendor GUIs never work 100% like they are supposed to; there's always eventually some bug or another,  or limitation requiring some workaround.

And  IPv6 is a game-changer.

> It looks like everyone here should start looking for a new
> career: "Next-generation user experience allows anyone to quickly 
> become a routing expert."

> ;-)
> scott

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