Shared Transition Space VS. BGP Next Hop [was: Re: Best practices IPv4/IPv6 BGP (dual stack)]

Vitkovský Adam adam.vitkovsky at
Mon May 5 07:27:37 UTC 2014

> > Ideally, we would have a solution where an entire MPLS infrastructure
> > could be built without v4 space, demoting
> > v4 to a legacy application inside a VRF, but the MPLS standards wg
> > seems content with status quo.
> There is work ongoing in the MPLS IETF WG on identifying the gaps that
> various MPLS applications have so they can be prepared for IPv6 MPLS
> control and data planes.
> Long overdue, if you ask me, but at least it's starting to get some attention.
> Mark. 

You mean the SR right? 


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