Shared Transition Space VS. BGP Next Hop [was: Re: Best practices IPv4/IPv6 BGP (dual stack)]

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at
Mon May 5 07:34:01 UTC 2014

On Monday, May 05, 2014 09:27:37 AM Vitkovský Adam wrote:

> You mean the SR right?

No, I mean:


The draft looks at issues that need to be fixed for MPLS to 
run in a single-stack IPv6 network.

Of course, there is other work that is looking at fixing 
LDPv6 as well, as you know.

At the recent MPLS SDN Congress in Paris, I asked some folk 
about leveraging SR to push native IPv6 support into MPLS, 
but they didn't seem like that was a key application yet. So 
while SR is promising, I think it's not a solution for this 
particular use-case yet.

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