WISP or other options

Miles Fidelman mfidelman at meetinghouse.net
Thu Mar 27 04:02:30 UTC 2014

Laser link, and pray for clear weather?

Warren Bailey wrote:
> 20-60mbps is a tall order.
> I¹d say cellular.. Maybe you can pair together a couple of 4g cradle
> points and do load balancing on them?
> You are screwed for LOS microwave, 60mbps on a microwave hope requires
> real life engineering to function correctly. Frequency coordination,
> towers, AGL requirements. If you¹re looking for satellite, I can tell you
> for certain that a 60mbps circuit for a month would exceed 140k a month in
> your neck of the woods. That¹s just to start off, it can get higher as the
> link budget dictates.
> Is there any reason you need THAT much? Have you thought about using
> compression stuff at all? Are these people paying for it?
> On 3/26/14, 8:30 PM, "Nick" <nick at wiredmedium.com> wrote:
>> Hey,
>> I have a weird off the wall question for a NA group.
>> Does any have contacts in Edinburgh Scotland who can provide WISP
>> service at the Hopetoun House and Dundas Castle. I would like to have
>> 20-60mpbs to for 2 days of services.
>> Our company's event planner claims there are no good ISP options in the
>> area and wants us to go with satellite internet which is pricy and has
>> high latency. Its worth noting both locations have ~7mpbs DLS.
>> I'm also open to other options.
>> Thanks,
>> Nick Poulakos

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