why IPv6 isn't ready for prime time, SMTP edition

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Tue Mar 25 23:48:13 UTC 2014

In message <20140325233557.6311.qmail at joyce.lan>, "John Levine" writes:
> In article <3D7D0845-CB25-4C05-8FAB-F5728C8602DD at heliacal.net> you write:
> >The OP doesn't have control over the reverse DNS on the AT&T 6rd.
> Ah, OK, you're saying that their IPv6 isn't ready for prime time.
> >One would hope that with IPv6 this would change, but the attitude of looking
>  down on end subscribers has been around
> >forever.
> It has nothing to do with looking down on "subscribers" and everything
> to do with practicality.  When 99,9% of mail sent directly from
> consumer IP ranges is botnet spam, and I think that's a reasonable
> estimate, we have better things to do than to spend a lot of our money
> expensively filtering that spam for the benefit of the GWL who is too
> cool to relay through a mail server with a real name.
Or he could just not like NSL and the fact the ISP's are required
to abide by them.  If people want their email going through where
it can be snooped apon that is their perogative.  Just don't force
people to have to use I-WILL-SNOOP-ISP!!!

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