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Wed Mar 19 15:03:01 UTC 2014

Hey paul

We use Netsuite with OpenNms ~ as an ISP i think you will always be stuck
with alot of customization ~ unless you build your own

Good luck

On Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 10:01 AM, Paul Stewart <paul at> wrote:

> Hey folks....
> We need a new customer ticketing system and I'm looking for input.  I am
> still working on a scope document on everything we want to do with the new
> system.
> The most common problem I run across is that a system is either built for
> enterprise internal IT helpdesk or it is built like a CRM sales tracking
> system.  We are an ISP among other things and are looking for a powerful
> and
> yet reasonable cost system to answer email inquiries, allow customers to
> open tickets via portal, mobile support, escalation/SLA support, and
> several
> other things.  Solarwinds NPM integration would be a huge bonus but not a
> deal breaker.  If anyone has a system that they have integrated with Ivue
> from NISC (our billing platform) I would be really interested in hearing
> more as well.
> So my question is meant high level.  For those folks that are ISP's
> supporting business customers (including managed customers) along with
> residential eyeball traffic what system(s) do you use and what do you
> like/dislike?
> I've looked so far at WHD (Solarwinds product), OTRS, RT, RemedyForce,
> ZenDesk, HappyFox, Kayako and several others.  All of them so far would
> require a fair amount of configuration or modifications based on our still
> developing wish list.  Also worth noting is that we have no full time
> development staff so hoping to find something that has a lot of promise and
> then work with the vendor to evolve it into what we feel we need.
> **This is not an invitation for sales folks to call on me**
> Thanks,
> Paul

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes

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