BGP attributes through IGP

Bryan Ashley bja8180 at
Thu Mar 6 15:37:14 UTC 2014

Greetings all - first time caller long time listener.

I came across a scenario the other day which got my wheels turning a bit
and wanted to reach out and see how others are handling this besides what I
would think to be the obvious.

Scenario: R1->R2->R3->R4
R1->R2 eBGP
R3->R4 eBGP

Essentially what I want to do is be able to carry BGP attributes through
OSPF so that remote end sees the full AS-PATH, ORIGIN, etc.  The easy
answer here is iBGP across OSPF however the wrinkle is this can't be done.
 Its a long story and one in which we are currently fighting however
suffice it to say for the moment this option is out.

My searches have come up a little short however I found a couple references
to using automatic-tag and as-path tag to carry this through.  I cant seem
to find any Junos reference information on this so wanted to reach out to
the ether and see if others have faced this situation before or have any
other recommendations on solutions.

Responses on or off list is much appreciated.

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