DNS Resolving issues. So for related just to Cox. But could be larger.

Rob Seastrom rs at seastrom.com
Wed Mar 5 12:52:10 UTC 2014

"Paul S." <contact at winterei.se> writes:

> For all it's worth, it might be Cox ignoring TTLs and enforcing their
> own update times instead.
> Wait 24-48 hours, and it should probably fix it all up.


> I'm not seeing anything majorly broken with your system except the SOA
> EXPIRE being ridiculously large.

Nowhere even close to ridiculously large.  3600000 (10000 hours, 41
days) is the historical example value in RFC 1035.  It's a bit larger
than current recommended practices (2-4 weeks) but I wouldn't fault
anyone for using that value nor would I expect any nameserver software
to malfunction when confronted it.  Besides, that value only matters
to secondary nameservers.  Speaking of that...

ns1.nineplanetshosting.com. 172800 IN   A
ns2.nineplanetshosting.com. 172800 IN   A

I think OP ought to approach his hoster with a cluebat.  Not just on
the same subnet but the same address?  Really.


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