DNS Resolving issues. So for related just to Cox. But could be larger.

Paul S. contact at winterei.se
Wed Mar 5 06:00:18 UTC 2014

For all it's worth, it might be Cox ignoring TTLs and enforcing their 
own update times instead.

Wait 24-48 hours, and it should probably fix it all up.

I'm not seeing anything majorly broken with your system except the SOA 
EXPIRE being ridiculously large.

On 3/5/2014 午後 01:40, Mark Keymer wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> So I have a client who moved a domain specifically periodforgood.com 
> to a new VPS with our company.
> DNS has been updated and the TTL time is 4 hours so things should all 
> be updated but something might still be wrong. Looking for help / 
> confirmation that things look good. And better yet if someone from Cox 
> and take a look.
> Our client uses Cox for there home internet and sometimes the domain 
> resolves and sometimes it does not. We found they have the following 
> IP's in Cox's network that are being used to resolve domains.
> After doing many nslookups via a remote session to there computer we 
> found that the top 2 IP's never resolve the periodforgood.com domain 
> and we found that the third one will about 20%-40% of the time resolve 
> it.
> We have gone to several DNS testing tools and all seems to be in 
> order. If you dig or nslookup directly to the DNS servers that are 
> used for the domain it seems to always respond.
> I admit I might just be overlooking something myself and will feel 
> dumb once someone points it out to me. But if you can point it out to 
> me that would be great!
> Also note that it looks like those DNS resolvers are blocked from 
> outside lookups which is good. So maybe someone with some eyeballs 
> inside or otherwise can help out?
> Sincerely,

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