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Wed Jul 30 12:26:05 UTC 2014

Brandon Butterworth <brandon at> wrote:

> Yes, I like to remind those engaging in peering wars and charging for
> access users to be careful when creating reasons for others to become
> their competition
> As a broadcaster we send our content direct to users over the air,
> there is opportunity in not making us do so for internet too (though
> it already happens, here in the UK Sky TV are a large ISP)

So, out of curiosity, how does BBC's user base split out between:
- traditional over-the-air reception,
- cable,
- satellite (is their a UK equivalent of DishTV),
- Internet?

I'm pretty sure that in most US major markets broadcasters primarily 
reach their subscribers over cable these days - with those cable 
providers also providing subscribers' Internet access.

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