Netflix To Cogent To World

Brandon Butterworth brandon at
Wed Jul 30 10:50:17 UTC 2014

> From: Mark Tinka <mark.tinka at>
> Commercial trends have been moving farther and farther away 
> from, "How much bandwidth do you want to buy?" to, "How many 
> Tv channels, voice minutes and cloud recording can I get?", 
> particularly in much more developed markets

Internet should be utility, many providing it don't wnat to be a
utility and so try doing other services usually best left to

> As a transit provider industry, we need to get our act 
> together and play nice, before we all get run over by the 
> content owners

Yes, I like to remind those engaging in peering wars and charging for
access users to be careful when creating reasons for others to become
their competition

As a broadcaster we send our content direct to users over the air,
there is opportunity in not making us do so for internet too (though
it already happens, here in the UK Sky TV are a large ISP)


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