FTTH and DSLAM Access Vendors

Carlos Alcantar carlos at race.com
Mon Jul 28 16:58:56 UTC 2014

I don¹t know that getting a comparison of all these vendors will do
anything for you as each one will have something that tops each other.
What I¹ve always done is put my list together of features that I need to
run my business and see where each one of the vendors sits after that.
You can typically weed out a good % by that first set of questions.  We
also will give some points to vendors we already deal with and staff is
already familiar with using, as training can be a big % of cost.

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On 7/24/14, 7:49 PM, "Colton Conor" <colton.conor at gmail.com> wrote:

>I am looking for comparisons between the following FTTH GPON and VDSL2
>access platforms. Has anyone recently compared the capabilities of each of
>these platforms?
>Alcatel-Lucent 7360 ISAM
>Adtran Total Access 5000
>Calix E7
>Cisco ME4600
>Huawei MA5600T
>Zhone MXK
>They all look great on paper, but there has to be some key differences
>other than price. Besides the vendors listed above, is there anyone else
>this market?

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