Correspondence to the FCC re: preemption of local government as a source of regulation

Roy r.engehausen at
Fri Jul 25 06:00:48 UTC 2014

I agree 100%.  If a municipality wants to provide service to its 
citizens and contracts it out, nothing prevents that.

On 7/24/2014 6:17 PM, William Herrin wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 8:28 PM, Roy <r.engehausen at> wrote:
>> The question posed is whether or not a state can control where a local
>> governmental agencies can provide service.
> Hi Roy,
> If the answer is anything other than, "of course they can," then I
> really want to read the judge's opinion. There are no shortage of
> examples of one locality providing services to another (it happens all
> the time with water systems) but I've not heard of such happening
> contrary to the wishes of the respective state government.
> Regards,
> Bill Herrin

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