Verizon Public Policy on Netflix

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>>> My cells all operate as a single cohesive system with an actual
>>> central control (one brain).
>> Nope; not really.  Look up autonomic nervious system; your body makes
>> *wide* use of distributed processing.
> Yes.
>>> Human bodies which do not have that property suffer badly from it.
>> All of them, then, I guess.
> This is why most of us cannot stop cancer by willing the cells to stop
> dividing.
Also look at the immune "system"; there is no central control at all,
and precious little central "advice" (pituitary and adrenal, and a few
others).  (yes, some disciplines related to meditation can affect the
adrenal part of that somewhat...)  Most of the immune system is cells at
war with each other, and only kept in check with a major many-way
balancing act (and you thought BGP was complicated!!).  (and there are
*plenty* of diseases that are expressions of imbalances of that war, or
(mostly external) agents that induce what amounts to a DDOS.))  (even
the itch from a mosquito bite, or poison ivy fall in that category; at
least they are normally self-limiting.)  (and some of these DDOS-like
things can be fatal like type-1 diabetes used to be (and external
insulin is just a crutch, not a cure) (lupus and MS also, both currently
not particularly treatable; there are many others).

To get back to the Verizon thing, they are not attacking netflix as
such, the attacks are downstream on that path and the restrictions on
level3 (among others) affect my getting to my own colo servers from
fios, for example.  (added 30msec and 5-10% packet loss to the path
delay regularly at 8am every day and until last week this lasted till
mid-evening (smokeping can be very enlightening)).  Things got better
late last week; hope it will last.  Call it collateral damage, but it is
Verizon doing it very much on purpose.  And at least level3 finally
called them on it; hope that ends up with some positive effect in the
long run.

-- Pete

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