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Larry Sheldon LarrySheldon at
Sat Jul 12 23:17:28 UTC 2014

On 7/12/2014 5:19 PM, Barry Shein wrote:
> On July 12, 2014 at 12:08 randy at (Randy Bush) wrote:
>   > > And, for the record, it's pretty widely acknowledge that "The World"
>   > > (Barry Shein) was the world's first commercial ISP - offering shell
>   > > access in 1989, and at some point started offering PPP dial-up
>   > > services.  As I recall, they were a UUnet POP.
>   >
>   > yep.  and uunet and psi were hallucinations.  can we please not rewrite
>   > well-known history?
>   >
>   > or are you equating shell access with isp?  that would be novel.  unix
>   > shell != internet.
> You mean when you sat at a unix shell using a dumb terminal on a
> machine attached to the internet in, say, 1986 you didn't think you
> were "on the internet"?
> The shell machines were connected to the internet. You could FTP,
> email, telnet, etc etc etc.
> Back in 1989 that was "on the internet".
> Heck, in 2014 it means on the internet.
> Right this minute I'm in a shell on a Linux machine connected to the
> internet and I'm pretty sure I have access to the internet.
> Consider the difference if you unplug that shell machine from the
> internet.
> Internet Service Provider. You got internet services.
> What hair are you trying to split? That you were using a shared
> address? Are people behind a NAT wall not on the internet?

This must be the silliest recurring thread-topic on NANOG since the 
"Spam is NOT an Operational issue" (or "DDOSes are not [ditto]") days.

For the Subject: line -- when my provider stops providing what I want at 
a price I want to pay, I'll start looking for another one and as an end 
user I am not remotely interested in the nasties they have to through to 
GET what I want delivered.

For the current thread position  -- At this precise moment I am using 
Thunderbird (a messaging client with shell aspirations) under Windows XP 
(a shell with OS pretensions) talking to the network I developed, 
installed, pay for and maintain (could be called my ISP and separately 
my wife's ISP, and the ISP for invited and uninvited guests--could be 
but won't be because it conveys no useful information to anybody).

That network is connected to a company's cable, which company is my ISP, 
my POTSP, and my TVP.  Who and what they connect to to get th4e stuff I 
want delivered is only of academic interest.

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