Netflix To Cogent To World

Brandon Butterworth brandon at
Wed Jul 23 15:11:53 UTC 2014

> If I were Netflix, why would I buy all my transit from Cogent[1], given 
> Cogent's propensity for getting into peering fights with people *already*,
> even before *I* start sending them 1000:1 asymmetric outbound traffic?

Perhaps Netflix expect this to be an ongoing problem with moree ISPs
asking them to pay to deliver (following Bretts lead ;-), so with their
previous transits experience why would they continue to buy from pussies? 

> So why would Cogent offer Netflix a helluva deal?

Previous events have shown Cognet only use live rounds, so why would they
not take the opportunity to get a bigger gun?

Mutually assured domination. Perhaps one will buy the other sometime.


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