Netflix To Cogent To World

Jay Ashworth jra at
Wed Jul 23 14:48:17 UTC 2014

While thinking about this double play over the weekend, a very interesting
chain of thoughts occurred to me.

If I were Netflix, why would I buy all my transit from Cogent[1], given 
Cogent's propensity for getting into peering fights with people *already*,
even before *I* start sending them 1000:1 asymmetric outbound traffic?

Presumably because they're offering me a helluva deal on the bandwidth.

So why would Cogent offer Netflix a helluva deal?

Perhaps because they were smart enough to see how popular NF would become...
and thought it would make an excellent stalking horse in their own peering

Who's gonna depeer Cogent *now*?

-- jra
[1] This is my understanding, though of course I'm not privy.
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