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> On Tue, 22 Jul 2014, Jay Ashworth wrote:
> > You can assume $8-1200 per passing, if you fiber the entire town at
> > once
> > (my example was 12000 passings, 3-pr, in 2.3 sqmi). Then you're
> > going
> > to have to operate the core, which will take power and at least 5
> > people
> > to man it 24/7. And finally, figure on at least 4-6 multi-10GE
> > uplinks,
> > and those things don't exactly grow on trees -- there's no sense in
> > providing 1G/1G if people can't actually use it.
> We only want them to run the L1 network, not L2.

You and I do -- well, I think there's value in running L2 on the same
terms, but that's orthogonal to this conversation.

The OP from whom I branched, though, appeared to be talking pretty clearly
about doing L3 for free as a city service; that's the jumping-off point
from which I'm working here.

> > And where's that money come from? Yup: local taxes, mostly property.
> Stockholm municipal fiber (L1 only) has been operating fiber network
> since
> 1994, they're doing ~20MUSD profit on ~100MUSD turnover per year.

Yup; no news to me there's a way to make money and pay off bonds.

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