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I know, the DC is going to be giving me a BGP session on their router so I
can set it up, I'm not using a Linux server as a router.

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> > So I just purchased a Dedicated server from this one company and I have a
> > /24 IPv4 block that I bought from a company on WebHostingTalk, but I am
> > clueless on how to setup the /24 IPv4 block using the BGP Session. I want
> > to set it up to run through their network as if it was one of their IPs,
> > etc. I keep seeing things like iBGP (which I think means like a inner
> > routing BGP) and eBGP (what I'm talking about??) but I have no idea how
> to
> > set those up or which one I would need.
> Howdy,
> Unless you have (1) a real router available, not a just a server and
> (2) an expert available to help you with your first BGP configuration
> I strongly recommend you simply ask your service provider to announce
> the /24 to the Internet on your behalf.
> Server-based BGP software like Quagga for Linux is reasonably good but
> it should absolutely not be involved in your _first_ attempt to
> connect with the Internet's default-free zone. Simple mistakes with
> eBGP can cause tremendous damage to other folks on the Internet. Trial
> and error is simply not OK. If it isn't worth it to you to buy a
> BGP-capable router then you also aren't prepared to make the
> investment in learning it takes to use BGP without causing harm.
> Regards,
> Bill Herrin
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