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> So I just purchased a Dedicated server from this one company and I have a
> /24 IPv4 block that I bought from a company on WebHostingTalk, but I am
> clueless on how to setup the /24 IPv4 block using the BGP Session. I want
> to set it up to run through their network as if it was one of their IPs,
> etc. I keep seeing things like iBGP (which I think means like a inner
> routing BGP) and eBGP (what I'm talking about??) but I have no idea how to
> set those up or which one I would need.


Unless you have (1) a real router available, not a just a server and
(2) an expert available to help you with your first BGP configuration
I strongly recommend you simply ask your service provider to announce
the /24 to the Internet on your behalf.

Server-based BGP software like Quagga for Linux is reasonably good but
it should absolutely not be involved in your _first_ attempt to
connect with the Internet's default-free zone. Simple mistakes with
eBGP can cause tremendous damage to other folks on the Internet. Trial
and error is simply not OK. If it isn't worth it to you to buy a
BGP-capable router then you also aren't prepared to make the
investment in learning it takes to use BGP without causing harm.

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