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Brett Glass nanog at
Tue Jul 15 20:42:46 UTC 2014

At 01:24 PM 7/15/2014, Doug Barton wrote:

>Just off the top of my head ....
>More than one person in a location, and they are watching different shows.

How many do you allow for per household? Do they want to pay to be 
able to saturate everyone's senses simultaneously, with different 
programming, at any time? (We can do that, but it will cost more.)

>This is a classic example of the oversubscription problem that I 
>and others have described on numerous previous occasions, several 
>of which have occurred since you joined the list. Your customers 
>are using the service they are paying you to provide in a way that 
>makes your life more difficult.

Having customers use the service I sell them does not make my life 
more difficult. I state very clearly what they are paying for: a 
certain guaranteed minimum capacity, to a certain point on the 
Internet backbone, with a certain maximum duty cycle. I can (and 
often do) take spot measurements of the amount of capacity they are 
using, tell them how much they are using, and verify that they are 
getting what they pay for. If they want more, they can always purchase it.

The things that are making my life difficult at the moment include 
the following:

* Government agencies attempting to impose requirements upon us and 
then denying us the resources we need to fulfill them;

* Government agencies trying to dictate what users can buy rather 
than allowing them to choose;

* Corporations exploiting market power or attempting to use the 
government so as to tilt the playing field in their favor; and

* Corporations lying to consumers so as to get them to blame me for 
their own failings.

If I quit the business, it won't be because I don't care about my 
customers or love what I do. It'll be because government and 
corporations have put so many roadblocks in my way that I can no 
longer deliver.

--Brett Glass

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