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Doug Barton dougb at
Tue Jul 15 21:20:06 UTC 2014


You've more or less accurately described the reality of the situation. 
Please feel free to proceed with the "dealing with it" suggestion that I 
also made as part of the post you responded to. :)

Good luck,


On 07/15/2014 01:42 PM, Brett Glass wrote:
> At 01:24 PM 7/15/2014, Doug Barton wrote:
>> Just off the top of my head ....
>> More than one person in a location, and they are watching different
>> shows.
> How many do you allow for per household? Do they want to pay to be able
> to saturate everyone's senses simultaneously, with different
> programming, at any time? (We can do that, but it will cost more.)
>> This is a classic example of the oversubscription problem that I and
>> others have described on numerous previous occasions, several of which
>> have occurred since you joined the list. Your customers are using the
>> service they are paying you to provide in a way that makes your life
>> more difficult.
> Having customers use the service I sell them does not make my life more
> difficult. I state very clearly what they are paying for: a certain
> guaranteed minimum capacity, to a certain point on the Internet
> backbone, with a certain maximum duty cycle. I can (and often do) take
> spot measurements of the amount of capacity they are using, tell them
> how much they are using, and verify that they are getting what they pay
> for. If they want more, they can always purchase it.
> The things that are making my life difficult at the moment include the
> following:
> * Government agencies attempting to impose requirements upon us and then
> denying us the resources we need to fulfill them;
> * Government agencies trying to dictate what users can buy rather than
> allowing them to choose;
> * Corporations exploiting market power or attempting to use the
> government so as to tilt the playing field in their favor; and
> * Corporations lying to consumers so as to get them to blame me for
> their own failings.
> If I quit the business, it won't be because I don't care about my
> customers or love what I do. It'll be because government and
> corporations have put so many roadblocks in my way that I can no longer
> deliver.
> --Brett Glass

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