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On Mon, Jul 14, 2014 at 6:24 PM, Naslund, Steve <SNaslund at> wrote:
> I think what will really drive everything is the
> market forces.  You either provide what your
> end user wants or you go out of business.

Hi Steve,

Barrier to entry tends to negate "market forces."

I dislike Verizon. Their FiOS service does not provide the technology
I really want (e.g. delegated reverse DNS and a battery backup in the
local vault that doesn't cut my voip via internet on power loss) and
their customer support process is infuriating (It took me 5 hours of
calls over 2 months to fix my login to a point where I could change
the credit card used for payment.I just wanted to pay the damn bill.)

And yet I buy their service. No one else is likely to bring fiber to
my home and they categorically refuse to unbundle just the fiber part
to any other business that might be willing to provide the service I
actually want.

Barrier to entry, typically in the form of sunk infrastructure,
cross-subsidy and/or regulatory shenanigans, tends to fully negate the
effect of other market forces. You don't have to give the customer
what they want. You just have to make sure it is impractical for
anyone else to sell them something better.

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