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> > On Jul 14, 2014, at 10:41 AM, Matthew Petach <mpetach at>
> wrote:
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> > Brett's concerns seem to center around his
> > ability to be cost-competitive with the big
> > guys in his area...which implies there *are*
> > big guys in his area to have to compete with.
> He 's running wireless links, from web and prior info as I recall.  His
> key business seems to be outside the cable tv / DSL wire loop ranges from
> wire centers.  The bigger services seem to have fiber into Laramie, and
> Brett seems to have fiber to that Denver exchange pointlet .
> Why he's not getting fiber to a bigger exchange point or better transit is
> unclear.
> There are bandwidth reseller / BGP / interconnect specialist ISPs out
> there who live to fix these things, if there's anything like a viable
> customer base...

Ah--right, that was the genesis of my rant about
"if you don't have an ASN, you don't exist".
He'd first have to get an ASN before he could
engage in getting a different upstream transit,
or connect to different exchange points, etc.

As much as people insisted you can be an
ISP without an AS number, I will note that
it's much, MUCH harder, to the point where
the ARIN registration fees for the AS number
would quickly be recouped by the cost savings
of being able to shop for more competitive
connectivity options.


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