Neighborhood mesh statistical multiplexing

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> > Unless I misread the piece, Pat, they *do* intend for customers to
> > mesh non-Telefonica links, which is half of your answer.
> I guess we read it differently.
> They even mention "Telefonica is currently looking towards developing
> economies and its huge customer base".
> Finally, assuming they ask someone else to do this, can you imagine
> another network saying "sure, use my DSL link to make your customer
> happier..."?

Nope, sure can't.

> > "All our customers are at max rate for their distance" is probably
> > the other half.
> Thought about that, but they discuss customers on different tariffs.
> It might be useful when everyone is limited to 128 Kbps or something.
> > I was making the former assumption in my musing.
> You know what you do when you make an assumption, right? You make an
> ASS out of U and MPTION. :)

Thank you, Tony Randall.  :-)

(You know, I can't find an earlier citation for that riff than the Odd
Couple episode...)

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