Neighborhood mesh statistical multiplexing

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> > I wonder if they'll break BCP 38... or vice-versa...
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> As long as Telefonica customers only use other Telefonica links within
> WiFi range, Telefonica can ensure it will have no effect on BCP38.
> Worst case, I can "ddos" the guy in the next apartment by spoofing his
> address. Best case, they ensure the BeWifi software disallows such
> things.
> And I don't see other broadband networks allowing Telefonica customers
> to ride their links.
> I also wonder why Telefonica would do this as opposed to telling
> people to upgrade their DSL?

Unless I misread the piece, Pat, they *do* intend for customers to 
mesh non-Telefonica links, which is half of your answer.

"All our customers are at max rate for their distance" is probably the
other half.

I was making the former assumption in my musing.

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