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Or perhaps this indicates that no one pays attention to what is in the
RAdb, and therefore makes a statement about the RAdb itself?

No idea myself...

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On 1/15/2014 1:22 PM, Blake Hudson wrote:

> Can someone provide a little guidance on RADb (and other IRRs)?
> Our organization is not a customer of any IRRs, but our ARIN IP 
> allocation is registered in RADb and Level3's IRR. The majority of
> these entries are incorrect and list other AS#'s (AS's that have
> never been authorized to announce this IP space) as the originating
> AS for our ARIN IP allocation.
> I have emailed Level3 about the incorrect entries in their IRR with
> no response. I have also emailed Cogent about their incorrect entry
> in RADb, also with no response.
> Should I be concerned about these entries? Do these entries give
> someone the ability to announce our IP space? How is the
> information in these databases checked for accuracy and why did
> RADb and Level3 put these entries in their database when the
> posting party was not authorized to announce this space? And
> finally, what can be done to correct or remove these entries (as a
> non-customer of either RADb or Level3)?
> Thanks in advance, --Blake

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