Catalyst IOS refresher site?

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Thu Jan 2 02:50:04 UTC 2014

	If it were me I would pickup a SupIII or SupIV off ebay.   They are
pretty cheap.

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>> From: "Jeremy Bresley" <brez at>
>> Might help if you said what type of line cards and sup you've got. A
>> SupII era card is CatOS, SupIII and newer are IOS, command sets are
>> completely different, and depending on the line cards you've got, you
>> might have some of the really old L2 only cards (can't remember if you
>> could do L3 on the bastard Gig/FE cards only, or if it was dependent
>> on the particular Sup installed). That said, if it's an IOS Sup, I'd
>> start here:
>Hmm.  I wasn't smart enough to shoot a pic of the front panel, and I'm
>not picking it up til Monday, so I don't know.  I have some background
>in Catalyst IOS, but it's old and on 3500-class switches, not the
>bigger iron.  
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