Filter NTP traffic by packet size?

Saku Ytti saku at
Sat Feb 22 10:05:46 UTC 2014

On (2014-02-22 09:38 +0100), Carsten Bormann wrote:

> Oh, the transport area people *are* in their high gear.
> Their frantic movements may just seem static to you as they operate on more drawn-out time scales.
> (The last transport protocol I worked on became standards-track 16 years after I started working on it.)

This seems to be common problem when things mature. Established companies take
years to produce new product, and then they are so committed on the new
product that no one dares to call it failure and they keep on supporting it.
People tend to think that future can be predicted with enough work, I don't
think that is true.
I suspect amount work put in product has rapidly diminishing returns. It seems
much more effective to release often, release early and fail early.

I think Joel Jaeggli once said 'maturing Internet infrastructure resists
innovation', I really like that quote.

Is this a problem that should be remedied? Should we move faster? Could
transport area endorse and release new pre-standard document for L4 every
4months? 6months? 12months? Guaranteeing no particular compatibility between
this and next pre-standard release?
If there would be newL4 directory in linux kernel and someone saw the trouble
to write it, it seems like barrier of entry for someone else to later update
it to reflect latest pre-standard changes is pretty small. The initial work
has high barrier of entry.


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