7206 VXR NPE-G1 throughput

Dan Brisson dbrisson at uvm.edu
Thu Feb 13 03:06:03 UTC 2014

> My Cisco SE brought up an interesting alternative. This summer we're 
> replacing our 6513 Sup720 with a pair of 6807 with redundant Sup 2Ts. 
> It is where all our internal Fiber terminates and where internal 
> routing happens.  He said we can add extra memory and terminate our 
> BGP sessions here and use that for our Internet connections. After 
> thinking it over, I'd still rather have dedicated routers for our 
> Internet access but I'm curious what you guys think about this 
> suggestion.
I think at the Internet edge, physical separation trumps logical unless 
you have no other choice.  Personally, I would keep them separate.

My .02,


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