7206 VXR NPE-G1 throughput

Vlade Ristevski vristevs at ramapo.edu
Wed Feb 12 22:28:47 UTC 2014

Thanks for all the responses. It's been very helpful. Based on your 
collective feedback, I'm definitely going to retire the 7206 this 
summer. I'm looking at the ASR-1002-X and Juniper MX-5, MX-10. I may as 
well go with something 10Gig capable.

My Cisco SE brought up an interesting alternative. This summer we're 
replacing our 6513 Sup720 with a pair of 6807 with redundant Sup 2Ts. It 
is where all our internal Fiber terminates and where internal routing 
happens.  He said we can add extra memory and terminate our BGP sessions 
here and use that for our Internet connections. After thinking it over, 
I'd still rather have dedicated routers for our Internet access but I'm 
curious what you guys think about this suggestion.


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