SIP on FTTH systems

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Subject: SIP on FTTH systems Date: Wed, Feb 05, 2014 at 11:52:51PM -0500 Quoting Jean-Francois Mezei (jfmezei_nanog at
> Quick question:
> I am thinking in a possible wholesale FTTH environment operated by a
> telco where the end user is connected to ISP-X via PPPoE.
> ONTs have built-in ATAs that can provide POTS service to a house and do
> SIP/VoIP over the fibre with QoS system to ensure VoIP traffic gets through.
> In a scenario where the data PPPoE connection is done by an external
> router, what are the options to operate the VoIP service so that
> - VoIP still uses the special lane on the GPON with QoS
> - VoIP gets IP from ISP-X and traffic flow via ISP-X so that telco is
> not involved in routing such traffic or allocating an IP address ?

Or, one could make sure everything has a globally unique IP address and is
using reasonably secured communications. The downside is that one
then can't defend the existence  of those empire-building middleboxes. It
is not the telco way, so is of course unthinkable. Like anything beyond
WAP was on cell phones a decade ago.

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