Mikrotik RouterBoard and Ubiquiti Networks Routing and Switching Solutions

Rubens Kuhl rubensk at gmail.com
Tue Aug 12 02:15:56 UTC 2014

> I personally feel like at this level of traffic,  A entry level of linux
> server (like dell r210) with adequate domain knowledge is the best
> combination.  It would happily do most stuff you throw at it, if you know
> how to use it.  Entry level hardware solution  tries to hide details from
> user, because they want to target clueless consumers, but it sounds like a
>  PITA for me.  If I had to learn new stuff, i better spend my time on some
> real industrial stuff (like m7i/m10i ).

General purpose servers are usually good performers, but more
network-centric x86 hardware is available, such as:

And running VyOS on those servers, although requiring to learn some new
stuff, might prove handy due to nice features in device management.
Forgetting to add command lines to /etc/rc.d start-up files is a common
cause for issues using general purpose operating systems, and you will its
CLI very close to the real industrial stuff.


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