Mikrotik RouterBoard and Ubiquiti Networks Routing and Switching Solutions

Yucong Sun sunyucong at gmail.com
Tue Aug 12 02:03:02 UTC 2014

EdgeRouter only support "hardware accelerated" routing with limited
features. If you start playing with firewall filters, gre tunnels etc you
would have to be careful about how they decrease your performance.

I personally tried to use a edgerouter to replace my j2350 with 300mbps
traffic. I first tried it at home to replace a NS5GT, But some
not-so-obvious problem has made me lost patient during the trail. My plan
to use it to replace j2350 is shelved for now..

I personally feel like at this level of traffic,  A entry level of linux
server (like dell r210) with adequate domain knowledge is the best
combination.  It would happily do most stuff you throw at it, if you know
how to use it.  Entry level hardware solution  tries to hide details from
user, because they want to target clueless consumers, but it sounds like a
 PITA for me.  If I had to learn new stuff, i better spend my time on some
real industrial stuff (like m7i/m10i ).

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