Anyone running Knot?

Joe Abley jabley at
Thu Aug 7 13:57:49 UTC 2014

Hi Jay,

On 6 August 2014 at 23:26:36, Jay Ashworth (jra at wrote:

> LWN this week covers the Knot DNS server, written by/for the .cz root zone ops, which can,  
> amongst other interesting attributes, load the entire 35 million record .net zone in  
> 10 seconds.

Knot was written by people at CZ.NIC Labs, as far as I know. When I was at ICANN we were interested in using it for L-Root, but I don't know that that has happened. The team is really, really good. I routinely suffer jawcraig [1] at their apparently outrageous productivity.

> Is anybody here using it? Or knows of it being used somewhere they're permitted to discuss?  
> Is it suitable for running on... much smaller zones? or does the optimization make it  
> impractical?

There's a mailing list:

   knot-dns-users at



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