The FCC is planning new net neutrality rules. And they could enshrine pay-for-play. - The Washington Post

Jack Bates jbates at
Mon Apr 28 15:34:04 UTC 2014

On 4/28/2014 9:18 AM, Phil Bedard wrote:
> People seem to forget what Comcast is doing is nothing new. People have
> been paying for unbalanced peering for as long as peering has been around.
> It's a little different because Netflix doesn't have an end network
> customer to bill to recoup those charges, they have customers on someone
> else's network.
Yeah. It's a scam. Comcast can't do balanced peering. Their customers 
are not symmetrical.

> It's not like all broadband providers are anti-Netflix, some are even
> starting to include NF as an app on their STB.  There are also many who do
> peer with Netflix settlement-free even with very unbalanced ratios.  The
> key in the future is moving the bandwidth closer to the users, and we will
> see more edge caching exist either within the broadband provider
> facilities or at more localized 3rd party datacenters.
Netflix is happy to assist with caching. The thing is, Comcast doesn't 
care about that. What they care about is that their last mile is getting 
saturated and they have to pay money to upgrade it. Costs are being 
shoved onto netflix and similar to justify that.

This is compared to the small ISP who is just happy to get a peering or 
cache to save money only on their transit fees.


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